Unofficial WRTC 2014 qualification standings - archive

YV5KE - WRTC qualification points details

Displaying data calculated on the basis of the both claimed scores and final contest results.

Total 9.63 WRTC qualification points

Area rank: #485 SA#2
Country rank: #47 YV

Multi operator entries: 0
Outside own area entries: 0
Total contest entries: 1

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Event Score = (Contest value) x (Category weighting factor) x (Published final score / Maximum score in applicant's category from Selection Area*)
EntryScoreBest entry
in WRTC category
in area
Best entry
IARU 2011
(max. 900 WRTC points)
Yes9.63Event Score = 900 x 0.9 x 520 / 43736YV5KECategory: Single Operator SSB All Bands High Power
WRTC category: SO SSB
WRTC points category multiplier: 0.9
Score comparison area: SA#2#N
Single-Op520YY5TNTCategory: Single Operator SSB All Bands Low Power
WRTC category: SO SSB LP
Operator: YY5TNT

* - claimed score